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“What! You have to work late again?” My wife growled.

“What’s the big deal, you know I have to get this project done and this will let me be home on the weekend?” I pleaded.

“Fine, whatever, but don’t expect dinner,” she said.

“I feel like we always have this argument, why can’t you understand that sometimes I have to put in a few extra hours?” I questioned.


Finally, she said, “I am really struggling, and it’s like I am raising these kids on my own. You are never there to support me.”


Wait what?

That is more…

My Very Diverse Family

Quick question…Greg, Angel or Wenqiang, which one do you think is best at math?

Of course you need more information to make that determination, but I bet that many of you gravitated towards Wenqiang, even if it was somewhat in jest, because people of Asian decent tend to be associated with being good at math. That little tug in your mind, that is an example of implicit or unconscious bias. The generalizations that we all make about others based on stereo types, upbringing or experience.

I have a unique view of this topic given that the second two names are…

Earlier in my career I had the opportunity to sit on an investment screening committee — where every month entrepreneurs would pitch their ideas to us in hopes of raising angel investment funding. An effective investment pitch has lots of components (strong idea, big market, IP, strong team, exit strategy, etc.). But, the most compelling pitches were those who could paint a picture of the future that I could not have fathomed before the meeting. The ones who took something that I thought I knew about and changed my thinking about that topic and the opportunity related to it. …


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